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Before you leave.....
IS YOUR HOME SAFE?  Here are some safety  Do’s and Don’t's.

DO: lock all your doors and windows when you go out.  Pay particular
Attention to the back of your premises - a popular entry point for burglars.

DO: keep your shed an / or garage locked.  If your garage has a communicating
door with the interior of your house, make sure it is securely locked.

DO: close the curtains and leave a light on in a room (not the hallway) when
you are out for the evening.

DO: light up any dark areas around your home.

DON’T: leave door keys in hiding places such as under a door mat or in a
Flower pot.   Thieves know all the hiding places.

DON’T: leave a window open  a few inches for the cat to get in or out.
Burglars find this very useful too.

DON’T: leave ladders around.   If you must leave them outside, make sure
they are padlocked to something secure.